Why Birth Photography

Why should I hire a birth photographer?

Those first moments pass by in such a blur. In the excitement of the moment, no one is thinking of grabbing a camera — and if they do, chances are the images will be blurry from shaking hands, insufficient lighting, trying to focus through the tears… What did your baby look like the moment he or she took his/her first breath? What was dad’s reaction? What was your reaction?

Hiring a birth photographer takes pressure off your support people and ensures you get those important first moments captured. Your significant other, friends, and family can concentrate on you, without having to worry about taking pictures. They can participate and enjoy themselves more that way!


An experienced birth photographer can help tell the story of the day your child was welcomed into the world. I will photograph your labor and delivery as it unfolds, in a photo-journalistic style. I am sensitive to your needs as a laboring woman, and my job is to document quietly and unobtrusively. Having been on both sides of the birth process, I also understand which special moments you may want. Because the birthing process can be very unpredictable–  the room may be dark, and planning what’s going to happen can be difficult– I can be ready to change gears (and camera settings) in a moments’ notice.


My job is to be there to capture those sweet first moments when you meet the new little person in your life… the excitement, joy, relief, love… as well as capture the tiny physical newborn features that start to change all too quickly. Tiny toes are my favorite!
When our twins were born, the most important item in my hospital bag was the camera. I unintentionally put a lot of pressure on my husband to get pictures of our daughters right away. He was my support person, but I made him step out of the moment to document. He did a great job, but it wasn’t fair to him—or me, and so we have no pictures of him until the twins were several hours old. Though so many things about labor were a blur, I’ll never forget the way he smiled at me through his tears after our first little girl was born. That’s a huge reason as to why I’m so passionate about birth photography; I want to help capture the story for other couples, in a way I wish we could have done. Let me help preserve those memories!