About MeHi, I’m glad you’re here! Thanks for taking a minute to get to know a little about me.
I’m Crystal. I’m an infertility “survivor” and proud momma of twin girls, whom I swear were just born yesterday… or so it seems. My husband is my best bud and we’ve been together since high school. We also have 2 fur-babies, Berklie the dog and Stella the cat. I love to read. I love nature, music, dresses, painting my toenails (but not fingernails), root beer floats, doing things spontaneously, travelling, zumba, and the color blue. I’m quiet and reserved, but can be outgoing if the situation calls for it. I’m a natural observer; I’ve always preferred to be on the sidelines instead of in the middle of the action –which lends itself well to this line of work!
My eyes were recently opened to the possibility of birth photography, thanks to a friend who contacted me “on a whim.” I was no longer doing any kind of photography work for hire, but something just felt right and I knew there was no way I would miss it. And experiencing and capturing those first intimate moments after baby Jillian was born is something I will never forget.
The reason I’m pursuing this new endeavor so passionately is that I want to help provide new parents with the memories that we wish we had for ourselves when our girls were born. It had crossed my mind to ask a friend to be there, but I dismissed it as crazy. Instead, I asked my husband to step out of the moment and grab the camera. Now I would give anything to have a visual story of the day our girls were born. The anticipation, the nervousness, the excitement, the tears, the joy, the love… there is not a feeling in the world quite like it.
Simply put, I want to do for others what I wish we had thought to do for ourselves.